Monday, July 21, 2014

Trying to be Cool

Rayban Glasses // TEN20 Snake Boots // H&M Hat // F21 Top // F21 skirt // Regal Rose necklace

Hello fellow Earthlings! 

Yeah that was an awkward greeting that I will never use again.  In today's I decided to wear my pleather asymmetrical skirt once again. Remember when I wore this skirt all the time last winter?? (please don't remember)  If you are feeling lazy but want to create an effortless edgy outfit just pair denim with leather in however way you want; it's effortless and badass!  Leather and denim go so well together like peanut butter and jelly.  I added my snake skin boots because it's edgy and flatters my denim + leather look.  

Oh and lookie here guys you finally see me actually IN my glasses. I love these glasses because it instantly toned down the badass vibe my outfit was oozing. I know it's totally teeny bopper to add nerd glasses but if you ever want to tone down an outfit just throw a pair on it's like geek chic and it looks totally good with a denim button up.

That's the outfit guys I'll catch you guys another day with another outfit. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fashion Victim

I'm highly aware you guys saw this outfit already in my jewelry haul post but technically I didn't exactly show you the entire outfit. Well maybe I did but....well now you guys get the full body photos. (I'm just trying to cover up the fact you guys are seeing the same outfit twice.) Also, if an outfit is cute there is no shame wearing it another day!

Anyway, I matched my lace halter top that can be a bit annoying with the tying and what not and matched it with the lace shorts that I wear every week.  I somewhat sagged the shorts to show a little bit of my tummy so I could show that it isn't a one piece. Although, it could probably double as a fake jumpsuit honestly.  I matched my black ensemble with my gold cardigan because, maybe it's because my former school's colors were black and gold but I think they totally go well together. 

Does anyone feel somewhat weird when they fail to post anything for one day? I totally felt weird not posting yesterday in all honesty but yesterday I decided to take a small day off and literally stay in bed to watch Parks and Recreations + Fairy Tail.

That's the outfit and I'll see you another day with another outfit.

Friday, July 18, 2014



Happy FriYAY guys! 

Today's fit follows the usual formula I use when getting dressed in the afternoon. I would say morning but sadly I've lost the ability to wake up early at least until Aug when I'll have to get up early once again because for some reason I thought "hey 8am classes? No Prob!" 

Anyway back to the outfit. I wore my studded button up that I should have ironed before putting it on but I decided to go natural. I'm was going for the "I just woke up hella late and threw on a wrinkled shirt" look.  I added my floral shorts because they add a girly touch and to make it a bit more edgy I threw on my leather jacket.  I added my bunny beanie for the final touch. Yes, that is a bunny just slid off my head a bit and somehow turned itself; believe me it's a mystery to me how it magically pulled a 180. It kind of looks like I have an antenna on my head because I'm so out of this world!!

Ah I'll stop with the lame puns and I'll see you next outfit.  If you need me I'm going to go watch Bob's Burgers now.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Real Thing

ZARA heels // Ebay velvet skirt // F21 shirt

Oh wow yet another casual ensemble today! Today I kept it very easy by throwing on my floral t-shirt. Floral is honestly my go to print because it can easily spruce up an outfit.  I remember back in my freshman year of high school I wore a ridiculous amount of floral! I mean I still wear floral print a lot but I'm being super honest when I say I've calmed it down!  

Anyway, I matched my classic red velvet skirt because it's easy and it is so easy to style. I would suggest getting a red velvet skirt for your wardrobe. Well, okay any color velvet skirt would work I think red works so well simply because my wardrobe consists of pinks and reds....I added my new black platforms I got from ZARA on sale! (whoop whoop) I love shoes like this because they look like something a doll would wear and have a very lolita esque like feel.  If these shoes were in pastel I swear you would see someone in Harajuku wear them!

That's the outfit sorry if I've been way more casual lately in outfits. I blame my constant headaches and maybe because I've been trying to rest up before I head off to Europe next week....

Anyway, have a happy Thursday and I'll see you next outfit! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rose Gypsy Haul

Hey guys what's up! Recently Rose Gypsy let me choose and sent me some super cute jewelry! I can't really emphasize how much I really love it! I picked out a eye and hamsa ring that connects at the back but looks like it's one ring how cool! I love eye rings because they look so trippy to wear on your finger! I also picked out this dangle necklace that for some reason is super cool. I don't know how to explain why I think it's cool maybe because when I wear it again black it looks like it could be the Ring (ya know from the scary movie??)  

Rose Gypsy has super cute jewelry and swear the quality is really sturdy. I'm pretty reckless with jewelry and so far my ring and necklace have held up!   

I'm most def going to go back for this cool spiked eye ring. It's so badass it must be mine!

If you like the jewelry I wore you can check out more from Rose Gypsy
(also I'll post the outfit post of this outfit at another point hehe)

That's the post and I'll see ya guys tomorrow with an outfit catch ya on the flip side! :)

**disclosure: this post is sponsored**

Days With You

ZARA Heels // SheInside Skort // Grandma Blazer

I feel like this outfit marks the change that I am in fact getting back into wearing colors and pattern again. I don't know guys if you noticed but I was diggin monochrome for a decent amount of time.  Today I threw on my polka dot skort and matched it with my pink doll heels that are so cute but currently a pain since I've been trying to break them in...

I love how pink and navy polka dots look together! I swear it's a match made in heaven. I added a pattern by wearing my blue sheer stripe button up then threw on my velvet blazer for the finishing look.  I added the green hat because this hat is saving me from having terrible wind hair this summer!

Happy Wednesday and right after I click publish I'm going back to sleep! Peace dudes! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I've Sold my Soul To Apple

I feel like I turned to the dark side of technology by getting a Macbook 13 inch Air but alas I need one for school...

I remember several or maybe all of my art peers and upper classman + my instructors all heavily pressured me into getting a Mac.  Which sucks because I've always been more of a pc + android person. I personally blame my computer geek of a brother for that because he has always feel he can find something better. 

I bet all of you guys are thinking who listens to their older brother but when it comes to technology I do not doubt him because he built his own fucking computer like who has the time for that!!!???

Anyway I got an apple for education because frankly I admit an apple is pretty good for college since it's light and small so I can still carry my fashionable handbags and because not going to lie art school is so apple based that even if you try to reject that life you will eventually convert.  Oh and guys if you are in university you can also get Apple for education remember that if you are still hesitant to join the dark side!

I have no idea if this post is even relevant to your life but it's my blog so...oh well ahahaha
New outfit post tomorrow sorry guys for none today....turns out the outfit I was going to post came out blurry so eh.....and I would do a haul but I've been shopping so much I feel it would be better to do a huge ass haul or just film it if that's okay?! 
I admit I've been slothin around and waking up at 2 in the afternoon so guys cut me some slack ahahah.