Monday, January 26, 2015

Another day another diary! Way sorry there hasn't been an outfit but I hope you understand I restarted school so until I adjust to my new schedule it will be a tinnny bit slower with outfit posts!  Don't worry though I'm instead going to try to update you with other types of post for nowww

This diary is actually before I left! Basically I went to get pizza with Shay one last time before I left, Wholefoods with Imani for groceries, and also the water pics you see are of my front yard lol

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Let me tell you when you find the perfect cardigan it's like finding your soulmate. You will literally wear that said cardigan all the flipping time.  It's because for one thing a cardigan is a closet essential and when you find in a color that matches your wardrobe and is a perfect fabric you're set.  

Today I decided to combat the ragged look of my cardigan with a white lace tee that is so long it's basically a sheer dress.  Sadly the problem with sheer anything is you must layer something underneath which is why hidden underneath is my rusted fake leather skirt; it gives my monochromatic look a bit of life again.  


Saturday, January 24, 2015

 It's amazing what a simple agreement to get coffee and chat will lead to.  It started with us at Union sipping coffee to us walking around downtown and seeing a protest then finally walking the streets down at Nob Hill making mental notes of all the cafes we want to try.

Lettuce See My Rooom

So news update I went back to college! That means I'm back living in a dorm for the next few months and I feel like IT'S TIME TO SHOW YOU MY DORM ROOM. The room where I sit on my ass and type blog posts for you, cry about homework, and watch a stupid amount of netflix.  What a magical place am I right???  

Lettuce start scrolling down now!!! 

Friday, January 23, 2015


On Sunday I hanged out with my bff Anna! :) We went to the rock shop because Anna wanted to pick up some crystals for herself and because she wanted me to have some crystals to help me!  If you are wondering why we got them it's because Anna and I are interested in the idea of Crystal Healing (don't judge ok it's what we like!) She also said it helps with meditation which is great because I usually try to meditate once a week! 

If you are interested in crystals and are wondering why I picked those crystals I shall tell you! Most of my crystals honestly help keep me grounded and they are supposed to help me bring out inner me. Frankly I've been struggling a lot with showing my true self which is why I picked them.  Alongside that I really am interested in dream interpreting which is why I picked out my Amethyst! (they help you dream!)

I'm also letting you know that if I'm slow right now it's because I went back to school today and I'll be starting classes Monday! I admit Winter break wasn't easy on me because to be honest with you guys I was dealing with some emotional issues and finding peace again with myself!

I admit though I'm slowly feeling a lot better inside so no worries! :)

Who Clipped My Wings?

  If you are the type of person who honestly wants to look casually put together without wearing tighter fitting clothes Mom jeans are your best friend.  Correct me if I'm wrong but mom jeans are supposedly extremely high waisted and a little bit more form fitting than boyfriend jeans.  The reason why I'm a bit more biased towards Mom jeans because they are high waisted.  High waisted anything honestly makes an outfit look so much more put together due to the fact it emphasis and makes your waist smaller.  Since it practically swallows you up, keep it easy with your top and wear a simple crop and bring back some personality with jewelry!

Also, for my fellow short girls! Add a pair of monster heels like I do to prevent your Mom jeans from looking like they are  engulfing your body!


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Thursday, January 22, 2015


To be really honest here I've been sitting here for a solid five minutes trying to figure out a way to talk and introduce my new Lazy Oaf skirt without implying a sexual innuendo.  Let's get real the perks of being young is most jokes you have in your arsenal are pervy.  

Anyway, I scored this Lazy Oaf Hands Off skirt from the Thrift Store. That my friends is finding a quality thrift find!  Anyway, because my skirt is so strong and the color pops everything you wear with it can honestly be pretty casual.  Whether it be a white tee or a simple black button up the look will always come out looking put together because my skirt is extremely out there and because it shows my figure. The perks of being pretty short (I'm 5"2-5"3) is you can seriously get away with wearing short skirts with monster heels on a casual basis.


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