Friday, December 19, 2014

It's officially winter break which means I'm done with finals and I'm back at home! Although it may be tricky doing outfit photos solo again but it also means I can finally go back to posting a hell of a lot more and doing other types of posts again.  The only struggle is dealing with the fact I'm living out of 4 suitcases filled with a majority of my closet i'll make it work!

Anyway coming back yesterday I'm trying to relax for two or three days before jumping back in so what did I do to start my vaca??? I saw CAROLINEEEE!

It was around 5pm when I came back and although I was pretty tired I got in my car and we got coffee at our fav little cafe ++ deserts!  We also visited the Christmas house in my hometown! :)

Before I'm Done

 Photo Creds: Elo D

When you have a plain white dress the styling possibilities are endless.  You already saw this dress styled in a fairy like manner so I decided to switch it up by showing you a more edgier style. Throwing over my body harness helps my body regain some shape because this long white dress just ~*flows~* over your body.  I let my leather jacket rest on my shoulders to keep it more or less casual and because apparently throwing jackets over an outfit helps make it look oh so more put together.

My first semester of college is finally done which means more posts and my skin finally clearing up again! Let's all jump in joy together right now,  take a break from heavy coffee and switch back to tea, and let's wipe away our tears from cramming for finals guys!  
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Thursday, December 18, 2014


**photo creds** 

Today's outfit is pretty dark and supposedly my attempt to look rocker for Elo; I think I got a you tried star for it.  I layered my skull blouse underneath my black leather dress for a very gothic look. Is someone vibin an Alexander Mcqueen feel because I am!  Oh and let's take a moment to acknowledge patent booties are the perfect way to add a bit an outfit.

Yes to answer your question, I'm aware how baby faced I look.  As I'm getting older I'm starting to look younger. This should be a good thing except I feel I may look like a 12 year old when I hit 20.  It brings up a funny story about how someone actually accused me of having a fake driver's license because I look way too young like wow baby faces they are both a blessing and a curse.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You Were A Dream

If this isn't the epitome of Allison Hill style I don't know what is; I have everything that makes this outfit me starting from my floral crown, super cute heels, a splash of pink and floral with that one staple piece that adds masculinity to my outfit.  

I'm trying to keep it super cool with my outfit even though I admit I've been a wrecking ball of stress from finals. I played it oh so cool with my sky blue floral crown and finally matched it with my blue floral dress; it was a match meant to happen and obviously I need my new trust grey leather jacket because no lie there were aggressive pigeons when I was shooting in the forest and I was not willing to let bird get all over a cotton dress. 

That's the post and I'll see you Thursday with a new outfit! 


Monday, December 15, 2014

I Could Be

You would think me going to college would make me dress less like a school girl and in a more professional manner too bad that isn't going to happen and let's rejoice in that.  To be honest as long as I have my 14 year old face and body I will never dress in appropriate. 

Today I wore my burgundy mini skirt from ZARA that honestly looks like one of those skirts I'm going to try to rock at 40 when I have a midlife crisis and my kids are just going to cringe and say,"aw mom you're old."  Really it looks like THAT skirt. No shame, because I'm young so it's whatever. 

I have to keep it cute so I wore my polka dot blouse and rolled up the sleeves. No school girl outfit is complete without thigh highs, and if you are going to wear a flippin mini skirt in San Francisco you are definitely going to need thigh highs to keep you warm!  

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Deer Drop Forest

Deep down it's every teenage girl's dream to shoot an outfit post for Instagram in a forest; you can try to deny it but trust me I can see you secretly thinking of a forest you live near to go take photos with for insta and it's okay guys. You want to know why it's okay? I'll tell you why it's actually really flippin fun feeling like a vagabond with my long white dress, floral crown and leather jacket walking around the forrest without a care in the world (or at least I can pretend I don't care)

Although, I wouldn't recommend walking around in three inch heels like I did unless you have 2+ years of experience in heels like I do so don't do it okay don't twist your ankle!  

Oh and in case you are wondering the outfit title it's a song by Daisuke Tanabe and swear once you hear it you will realize it's the perfect forest exploring song so have a listen my friends.

NASTYGAL floral crown (that rhymed kind of..) 
Urban Outfitters Dress
ZARA heels
H&M Jacket

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Swimming in the Flood

Wow this outfit just does not fit the usual Brokehell style; forgive me guys it's been storming like crazy here and finals stress is kicking but ideally this outfit is totally perfect if you are going to be sitting down for that painfully long test you've been cramming for.  

For starters I don't have to worry a bit about being chilly because my American Apparel turtleneck sweater is keeping me oh so cozy and okay I know this is a bit tmi but with this sweater I can get away with wearing a comfy sports bra.  
Obviously, I can't be too lazy so I threw on my pair of grey BDG high waisted skinnies and guys wearing grey pants instantly adds a little bit more to your outfit because it's not your basic black but since it's grey it honestly matches just as a well as wearing black skinnies.

That's the fit and may the curve be in your favor for finals! I'll catch you on Sunday with a new fit and if you guys can't wait that long which is totally understandable you can also find me on instagram