Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palty Hair Dye

Completely blonde roots!!

So if you've followed me for a while you would know I'm not a real blonde and I dye it constantly.  So I felt I should finally share the product I use to maintain my hair and it's called Palty Hair Dye!  If you don't know what it is, it's a Japanese Hair dye meant for lightening Asian hair in a one step process rather than having to dye it multiple times or having to go to the salon.  I've been using the dye to change my hair colors since I was 13 (lol) and I've kept with it since then!  So here it is my personal experience with Palty and how to use it!

Leather on Leather

Nasty Gal Leather Jacket // F21 Mini skirt // f21 star wars shirt 

Today's outfit is very rocker (as my teacher put it)  I layered on the leather by wearing my leather mini skirt with my leather jacket. To throw in more edge I wore a graphic tee. Man o man I forgot how much I love graphic tees! I love this one especially it's a japanese print star wars shirt! You can't see it currently but someday I'll take a zoom in of it...

Sunday, April 13, 2014


F21 PANTS // Thrifted denim button up //F21 Blazer

On Saturday I had a final art showcase so to keep it causal but somewhat fancy I came up with this outfit.  I wore my pink jeans because they are super comfortable and I love the shade they are in and I matched it with my purple blazer I love so much.  I threw in the blue button up to keep the pastelish colors consistent.   It's a pretty girly and colorful look in my opinion.

So now that school is done I can finally focus into blogging again and other art projects! In fact, I actually have a few things lined up!  I'm sad that school is done but happy because school completely took over my schedule and I've realized my closet has started to fall behind. :( So, now that I have free time I can finally give my closet and blog the attention it deserves.

but after I get over this cold *cough* why am I getting a cold in April????

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Circle Lens

So if you guys didn't know (which you probably didn't) I wear circle lenses!! (lenses meant to make my eyes look bigger/dolly)

Considering how large my eyes naturally are it's quite the shocker am I right. Although yeah circle lens can come very large and most bloggers I've noticed get the more larger visible sizes there is in fact smaller sizes. The sizes offered vary from brand to brand they can be so small they only enlarge by the tiniest but trust me even the tiniest enlargement can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Along with that reason the BIG reason why I wear circle lens is because I need contacts for everyday wear and I wasn't willing to pay $100 for a pack of contacts so thus I bought the smallest sized circle lenses to save money.   So I guess to save you money on contacts or if you are question how contacts look on a more different looking girl here it is

Last Day of School

**Very Sentimental Post about why I love school (I'm sorry)**

Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Get Asked to Prom in Style

So if you remember earlier this week I asked Alyssa to prom and in exchange she asked me!!  (Don't worry her boyfriend is okay with this!!) Throughout the week she kept laughing and saying it was coming up and today it finally did. When I was in my last class of the day Shay texted me saying that she had a meeting at school and wanted to hang a bit after class (and also asked for a ride home) so of course I said yeah so after class we began to walk to the car and randomly she gave me this notebook with a horse on it....

So I read it and it was dumbass funny and as I approached my car Alyssa was there...wearing...a horse head???? (lol) Yeah basically she wore a horse head and had a sign that said YES OR NEIGH (as you can see) and of course I said yeah (because she is my bestfriend and roommate lol) she also gave me donuts and cookies what a homie.

So that was my promposal that will always be remembered. I'm really excited for when I one day meet my future potential boyfriend and when we talk about our prom dates I'll say I took Alyssa and watch him make a confused face. 

I think this once again proves my point that you don't need a boy to be your prom date or to ask you  (though it be nice) in fact it's great and less stressful going with your bestfriends (Shay and Alyssa) because ya know it will be a guaranteed good time.

Obnoxious Floral Crowns

Forever21 Dress // NastyGal Floral Crown // 

I miss the heat (minus the tanning and burning) because it's getting cold again!!! I ran out of tights too and since it's getting to the warmer months I feel so uninterested in investing in tights....
Anyway, today I wore a simple dress I picked up at Forever21 for $12 (gassp) It's really cute and honestly, I love dresses because it's so easy to wear and perfect for lazy days.  I matched the blue in the dress with my obnoxious floral crown that I'll one day wear to school (and get stared at a lot..) to finish the look I wore some brown boots.