Tuesday, July 29, 2014


American Apparel Tennis Skirt // F21 lace top // Grandma Blazer

Today's outfit is pretty weird honestly. I wore my black and white lace top then paired it with my white American Apparel tennis skirt. Personally it's pretty unusual.....anyway I layered on over my green velvet blazer because I love how it looks with my lace top. Lace and velvet is a perfect combo

I'm just going to warn you now Thursday outfit I'm wearing the same top. It's mainly because these photos I've been uploading have been pre-planned outfits. I mean all the clothes you will be seeing for the next two weeks I did take to my trip but I probably just restyled them occasionally.

Anyway, I just ate a whole entire pizza so I'll catch you later because now it's time for my nap time...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Switzerland Day One

Seeing as I'll be going to a lot of places for the next two weeks I decided I would just upload diaries as the days go so with that here is my Switzerland Day one diary! :)

Flower Power

H&M Blazer // Forever21 Skirt // Nasty Gal top // ZARA heels

Recently I bought  a new floral crop top from Nasty Gal and this is basically how I styled it. I wore my pink skirt pleather skirt that honestly isn't the most comfortable thing on the planet and layered over my Burgundy blazer.  I love pairing Burgundy and pink together!  

For the final touches I wore my black heels that are my new go to black heels...even though the heels are super loud when I walk in them; there goes my plans to sneak up and scare people...
   Technically, my day is officially over but since I base the time I upload these posts around California time but regardless of that have a nice Monday guys! :)

Sushi Buffet

Right before I left for my trip to Europe I hanged out with my friends Lee, Jan, Delaney and Clarissa.  The reason this diary post is because we stayed up till 4am doing stuff and when we got back to my house we crashed for a decent amount of time and right after that I was busy packing for my trip.  Basically, my friends and I randomly decided to ban together as per usual and argued for 10 minutes on where to eat. We ended up going to a sushi buffet that was so cute! I actually uploaded a video on instagram of the sushi boat if you want to go see.  

Afterwards we watched 21 & Over which is actually a really good movie! Soon after we explored for the rest of the night and oh my god I did not know that McDonalds and other fast food places close at night!! What happened I remember they used to be open all night!!? It's a crime what they are doing because we just wanted fries at 2am!

**update** I forgot to add pictures from my phone

so sorry if this vlog is short and sweet because there was a vlog to this but sadly I can't edit it till I get home and I highly doubt you would want to read a post two weeks late so... yeah...

But don't worry more diary posts to come as I'll be exploring Europe for the next two weeks! Wish me luck with the time zone changes and I'll catch you guys next post :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Time Change


Guys, I have a small confession…I wore this outfit at least three or more times during this week. Do you ever just have those moments where you repeat an outfit because you love it that much? 

In terms of aesthetics this outfit is probably more simplistic compared to the crazy layering I have done before. I wore my Alexander Wang T shirt that is the perfect tee and layered it over my mermaid skirt from ZARA. Personally, I feel like prints that are cool toned can easily be rocked with a white t-shirt.

I layered over my black fuzzy cardigan because it adds a bit of texture and it just matches how simple my outfit is.  I threw on my cross necklace to spruce it up a little bit and wore my new favorite black heels from ZARA.

If you read the last post you would have read the small part where I said I was heading to Europe for the next two weeks and well, I’m here and in my first location: Switzerland! 

I’m going to upload as many diaries and vlogs for the Europe trip and I’ll catch ya guys on the flip side.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sorry I'm an Athlete

American Apparel Tennis Skirt // F21 Varsity //Nasty Gal crop top

Sorry, for the lack of outfit today I was actually up all night and didn't have anytime to edit and upload because the second my group came home at 4am we passed out and didn't wake up till 12. (I'm working on the vlog for that adventure!!)

Anyway, today's outfit is pretty athletic. It's probably because I wore my varsity and American Apparel tennis skirt or maybe my athleticism is just so obvious and my outfit just highlight that. Just kidding, I'm extremely bad at sports like one time I was kicked out of P.E. because I played volleyball that badly and I'm not kidding about that.  I'd also like to point out the only reason I passed my final year of P.E. was because my teacher and I would talk about donuts and that my friends is how you pass physcial education Allison style.

Anyway, I threw on my sorry crop top because sorry I'm the number one athlete around here and mixed in my bunny beanie. I topped it off with my black and white creepers because for some reason they look like golf shoes...

That's the outfit guys and I'm going to log out and head off to the airport where I'll be adventuring England, France, and Switzerland for two weeks so sorry in advance if I can't update everyday!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sailor Scout

F21 Shoes // American Apparel Disco Pant // H&M bomber // American Apparel Crop top

Before we start put down the angry mob tomatoes aimed at me for not posting yesterday. Are they gone? Okay we can continue with the post.

In today's post I channeled my inner space cadet...or sailor senshi basically I channeled anything space related with this outfit. I first squeezed into my funky disco pants and matched it with my American Apparel cropped top. I regret deeply doing this because I can't eat a large meal due to my outfit being skin tight.

After that I proceeded to throw on my galaxy bomber jacket. Stop right there stop I know galaxy is overplayed and the phase is over I know but I busted mines out because the galaxy print isn't super "galactic" and it helps complete my sailor senshi theme. After that I threw on my silver platforms because in so many ways I'm at a loss of words to explain. 

That's the outfit guys I hope you enjoyed my:
spacey/sailor senshi/maybe star wars/galaxy outfit
 and I will catch you guys next post!

Oh wait guys before I check out to explain the picture with the dollar when I was shooting I discovered a dollar in my pocket!!! (holla for a dolla!) this is very important because every dollar is precious to me because I'm
broke as hell 
(**drum sounds**) I'm sorry please don't throw the tomatoes at me